mCore .NET SMS Library

mCore .NET SMS Library 1.2

1. Send Text MessagesSend text messages by simply specifying...

1. Send Text MessagesSend text messages by simply specifying the destination mobile number and the text message. Send text messages with delivery report request.

Can send 160 character messages with default 7-bit character encoding (as per ETSI GSM 03. 38) and 140 character messages with 8-bit encoding.

Can send 70 character messages in international languages using 16-bit Unicode (UCS2) encoding. Allows delivery format selection for long messages (e.

g. Truncate, Split, Concatenate and Formatted Split). Can send flash (alert) messages that are immediately displayed on destination phone screen.

Specify validity period of the text message. Allows changing of SMSC stored in modem or phone. Supports destination numbers and SMSC number in international as well as national format.

Allows setting of minimum time delay interval two consecutive messages to avoid delivery failure during a network busy period. Specify maximum number of retries in case of delivery failure when sending text message.

2. Read/Delete Incoming MessagesOption to select message memory (Phone or SIM) for reading and deleting incoming messages. Read all incoming messages from the GSM Modem or Phone memory in one shot as a Inbox message collection.

New incoming message event with option to automatically delete new messages after readingMessage delivery report eventSpecify type of messages to read (e.

g. All Unread Messages, All Read Messages or Both). Option to read concatenated messages as one message or part messages. Can read text messages irrespective of character encoding i.

e. sent as default 7-bit character, 8-bit or encoding or international language messages (16-bit Unicode). Delete one message at a time or all read messages from GSM Modem or Phone.

3. General FeaturesFully managed codeAll members (properties methods) that require serial communication, are completely thread safe and are queued inside the library for sequential execution.

Extensive use of enumerators to simplify programming. Well categorized and structured exceptions. Events for New Incoming SMS, Delivery Reports and Incoming Calls.

Automatically disconnects incoming calls. Connect to GSM Modem or Phone through physical serial port or virtual serial port (e. g. Infrared, USB to Serial Converter, Bluetooth etc).

Specify serial communication parameters like COM Port, Baud Rate, Stop Bits, Parity, Flow Control etc. Read various modem parameters (e. g. Modem Manufacturer, IMEI etc).

Specify PIN for connecting to network using PIN protected SIM card. Read various network information (e. g. GSM Signal Strength, Network Identification etc)Extensive exception/error handling with error codes and descriptions to easily identify error cause.

Option to selectively display error message box with customization of message box title. Log option with option to log only error messages or logging of errors as well as status.

Automatically checks if modem can send messages in PDU mode. Send modem initialization AT commandsDebug mode pops up message boxes for all errors thus enabling developer to quickly identify problems during application development.

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mCore .NET SMS Library


mCore .NET SMS Library 1.2

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